It all started with a hotel and 280 dirty bathrooms ...

Over the years we have helped many Hotels and spa facilities in the

Stockholm area.  Places with high demands on perfection and cleanliness

for their customers. With more than 3000 bathrooms done in 3 years

we know one thing   -  They all needed new silicone

When we started our business we realized that there were no tools on the

market that did the job .. We needed a tool that removed old silicone and

it¨s shadows fast and easy, and a tool to get new silicone back without

masking tape, mess or any waste material..

After many prototypes and improvments  we came up with perfection!

A patented solution , developed by us, in our profession ... for 3 years.

Perfect result - no masking tape -  no waste material - easy to use.


                                                                        Developed by experience......